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Create Optimal States of Consciousness

The Future Of Coaching: Epigenetics Lifestyle Modification

Welcome to the world of epigenetics!

What is Epigenetics

Epigenetics is the study of genetic variations resulting from lifestyle choices and environmental factors that activate or suppress gene expression.

Genomic Categories We Assess:

  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Weight Loss
  • Athletic Performance

Our coaches are extensively trained and certified by Dr. Stickler in genomic blueprint interpretation using Apeiron’s state-of-the-art templates.

Each of our Epigenetic Coaches is a subject-matter expert, and you will be matched with the coach that best aligns with your individual goals.

 Seven Foundational Aspects of Health

BRAIN – The brain is our most important asset yet it can also be a formidable adversary. We have an amazing, generally untapped, ability to take charge of our cognitive function and control the negative subconscious programs that lead to automatic, non-life enhancing reactions. We provide opportunities to enhance your current cognitive function to unlock limitless possibilities.

ENVIRONMENT – Our lives are not lived in a vacuum, modern life exposes us to environmental hazards and toxins that decrease the opportunity to achieve optimal health. It is important to analyze the environment where you live, work, and play to determine areas where environmental adjustments can be made to decrease harmful exposures and improve health.

MOVEMENT – Human movement goes well beyond exercise. Exercise is something we do several hours a week and human movement is something we participate in throughout our day. Optimizing human movement can help to create an outstanding physiologic and cognitive response.

HORMONES – Hormones are vitally essential and when in optimal balance create a beautiful symphony that produces youthful vitality and a zest for life. We perform a comprehensive hormonal assessment and correlate these values with your current state of physiologic and cognitive health.

NUTRITION – Each human body is unique when it comes to perfect nutrition. We utilize several biomarkers including your own personal genetic code in order to identify the most effective diet and supplement plan for you to thrive and achieve your goals.

STRESS – Healthy stress responses are highly beneficial but unhealthy stress reactions can severely limit the achievement of optimal living. When the stress response is optimized you have the capacity to remain sharp, clear, and focused during events that might normally throw you off balance.

SLEEP – Sleep is an aspect of health that many find more of an inconvenience than something that can be used to strategically create greater potential. Ideal sleep practices are essential to achieve maximum positive impact and induce desirable epigenetic changes. Optimal sleep generates enhanced cognitive capacity & function, greater physical performance, reduced stress, and even improved longevity.

Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching

Apeiron’s Epigenetic Human Potential Coaches address the “whole human biosphere” and facilitate the transition from the current health state to optimized human potential. They influence positive health change by creating dynamic partnerships, assessing current performance, establishing client goals and developing an efficient/effective, individualized and realistic plan. They understand an individual’s health lifestyle as well as the subtle nuances of the family/work life, the pressures and stressors involved in those areas, an individual’s total environmental health exposures and how they directly and indirectly affect the health profile.

Apeiron coaches assist our clients to optimize physiological, psychological, cognitive and spiritual aspects of the life experience. Focus areas include seven foundational aspects of health: sleep cycles, stress balance, nutrition, hormones, environment, brain performance, neurocognitive function and central/autonomic nervous system regulation. (Details below)

Our coaches are skilled in the art of establishing connection and building a relationship of trust. They connect with clients in a personal and meaningful way to evoke self-motivation, which shifts perceptions from the “I have to” to the “I want to” state. This framework taps into the unconscious belief systems that sabotage progress and prevent the achievement of optimal human performance.

Our highly successful process:

  •  Shifts perceptions from the “I have to” to the I get to” state
  •  Optimizes performance in all aspects of life
  •  Increases awareness of health lifestyle
  •  Creates positive health change
  •  Empowers self-motivation
  •  Refreshes subconscious programs
  •  Opens new options and ways of being

Working with our coaches offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Optimize performance in all aspects of your life
  • Enhances awareness of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Resets subconscious programs
  • Empowers you to take control of your health
  • Improves focus and mental acuity
  • Maximizes quality of sleep
  • Facilitates stress resiliency
  • Supports youthful longevity

Acupuncture is the alchemical art of merging science and spirituality. It honors the mind/body/spirit connection.

Biofeedback teaches awareness of the psychophysiological processes based on reactions to stress. and how to control these processes.

Epigenetics points to how genes are activated or suppressed by our lifestyle choices, experiences and our subconscious beliefs.

Our 3-D sound chamber transforms experiences to induce body-mind coherence and produce optimal autonomic nervous system and brainwave states.

Relational coherence occurs when people who share common interests and goals are emotionally aligned and communicating on an energetic level.

Natural movement gives our body the stimulus it needs so that every cell of our entire body gets the movement “nutrition” needed for optimal health.

About Us

Apeiron Center for Human Potential is committed to creating the new definition of the optimized human through transforming and transcending the limits of biology, consciousness, and evolution. We use a precision-based approach taking into account each individual’s physiology, genetics, genomics, emotional makeup, along with their expressed needs to prescribe evidence-based therapies that facilitate youthful longevity and peak performance.

This approach assists clients to achieve limitless potential through optimizing sleep, stress, nutrition, human movement, hormones, cognition and inner balance.

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