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Daniel L. Stickler M.D., the visionary Co-Founder of the Apeiron Center, is redefining healthcare with a pioneering spirit in systemic optimization and age rejuvenation medicine. His profound expertise in leveraging systems science eclipses traditional medical paradigms, offering a future-forward approach to wellness. As a leading figure in clinical trials that shape the next horizon of human enhancement, Dr. Stickler’s practice is a beacon of innovation.

With esteemed roles as Clinical Faculty at both the Age Management Medical Group and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Medical Director at the Neurohacker Collective and Mosaic Biodata, and a seat on the Scientific Advisory Board for TruDiagnostics, his contributions to medicine are both multifaceted and influential.

Dr. Stickler’s acumen extends to Silicon Valley, where he served as a Google consultant, harnessing wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI to transform healthcare. His knowledge is sought after globally, with guest lectures at institutions like Stanford University, where he illuminates the applications of Epigenetics in Clinical Practice.

Embrace a journey of health transformation with a leader who is sculpting the very essence of age rejuvenation and pioneering the path to peak human potential.