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Genetics Act As Our Guide, Epigenetics Fulfills The Promise Of Human Potential

The Ironman Executive show is about enhancing human performance through advances in medicine, science, and technology. Dr. Stickler hosts the innovators and the biohackers that understand the limitless nature of human potential.

Aaron Traywick

New Studies in Longevity and Age Extension

Aaron Traywick is the founder at Ascendance Biomedical where they focus on helping people get the treatments and care they need to save their lives. They also specialize in helping fund and facilitate research by taking initial studies off shore before bringing the data back to the FDA. Learn more about this process in this week's episode along with two studies they're currently working on.

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Applying Systems Approach to Your Health, Wellness and Business

Daniel Schmachtenberger enlightens us on how to use a science systems approach to our health, wellness and business. Daniel was involved with sciences at a very young age, encouraged by his parents to educate himself in the fields that most interested him - allowing him to have more concentrated time and focus on a few specialized topics rather than generally be 'a good student' at all subjects.

Dr. Steven Cole

The Epigenetics of Wellbeing

Dr. Steven Cole is the Director the UCLA Social Genomics Laboratory. He has been pioneering human social genomics as a Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Cole’s studies have concentrated on Genomics and computational bioinformatics to map the biological pathways by which social environments affect gene expression by viral cancer and immune cell genomes.

Nicola Pirastu

Dr. Nicola Pirastu

Genetics Vs Genomics

With today’s guest Nicola Pirastu we learn the difference between several common genetic terms, how your diet choices may or may not be good for your personal health and how your diet can impact your genes and their expressions.

The Father of Gene Therapy Shares What the Future Holds With Genomics

Dr. Theodore Friedmann

The Father of Gene Therapy Shares what the Future Holds For Genomics

Pioneer in the world of Gene therapy, Dr. Theodore Friedman shares with us today the exciting future of what gene therapy holds. Listen in as we hear how manipulating certain lacking or misbehaving genes from causing disease has been proven in several types of diseases through clinical experimentation and how it will benefit future generations.

josh Mitteldorf

Josh Mitteldorf

Cracking the Aging Code with Josh Mitteldorf

Welcome back to the Ironman Executive Podcast where today we talk with Josh Mitteldorf, he is both a researcher and science writer. He recently released a book called Cracking the Aging Code which not only transformed my perspectives on aging but will bring awareness and knowledge into your own understanding of aging. Learn the importance of epigenetics in aging as we discuss current research, research that may happen over the short term and long term in the science world in regards to how reversing aging may be possible.

The Link Between Stress & Sleep with Dr. Kelly Olson

Dr. Kelly Olson

The Link Between Stress & Sleep With Dr. Kelly Olson

Today we’re talking to Dr. Kelly Olson, an expert in the area of neuroscience, stress and sleep. We discuss chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, as well as some promising supplements and treatments to support healthy stress response and better sleep habits.

Dave Siever

Dave Siever

How to Boost Performance, Attention and Cognition with Audio - Visual Entrainment

Today we’re talking to Dave Siever, an expert on the topics of neuro feedback and biofeedback. Dave discusses the audio visual entrainment (AVE) device – called the DAVID -- offered through his company Mind Alive, and how it can be used to optimize the brain in many different ways. Now he’s determined to make life as long, happy, healthy and productive as possible for everyone on the planet, and also for humankind to be the best possible species it can while having the least possible impact on the planet.

Dr. David Sinclair Advances in Aging Reversal Research

Dr. David Sinclair

Resveratrol, Nicotinamide and More Advances in Aging Reversal Research with Dr. David Sinclair

Today our guest is Dr. David Sinclair, who has seen the potential for aging reversal research to revolutionize medicine for the last 25 to 30 years. David explains that, like many children, he was morbidly fascinated with mortality at a young age, but he never really outgrew it. Now he’s determined to make life as long, happy, healthy and productive as possible for everyone on the planet, and also for humankind to be the best possible species it can while having the least possible impact on the planet.

How To Combat Diseases of Aging Caused By Oxidative Stress With Dr. Mark Gordon

Dr. Mark Gordon

How to Combat Diseases Of Aging Caused by Oxidative Stress

Today we’re talking to Dr. Mark Gordon, a physician with over 20 years of experience in clinical cardiology. Dr. Gordon has participated in numerous pharmaceutical and medical device trials, and his passion for prevention has led him to focus his practice on preventative and integrative cardiology. Dr. Gordon is currently focused on the hot topic of NRF2 and how it helps the body deal with oxidative stress, which is the root cause of hundreds of diseases. He explains that oxidative stress is like a rusting of the body from the inside out. It is created from free radicals, which are the highly unstable and destructive byproducts of metabolism created by our bodies every day.

Joseph Ledoux:

How to Differentiate Between Fear and Anxiety

Today we’re discussing fear and anxiety with neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, Professor of Science at the NYU Center For Neuroscience. Joseph’s work focuses on the brain functions of memory and emotion, and he is the author of The Emotional Brain, Synaptic Self and Anxious. In our society, three quarters of all medical visits and 60 percent of medical conditions are directly associated with stress.

Melanie Weinberger:

Create Epic Transformations of Well-Being In The Workplace with Melanie Weinberger.

Today we’re talking with Wellshift CEO Melanie Weinberger, who is currently transforming corporate wellness to show people how to create and maintain epic health transformations in the workplace.

Ruthie Harper:

A Revolutionary Approach to The Skin Care Industry with Dr. Ruthie Harper

Today’s guest is Dr. Ruthie Harper of SKINSHIFT, a revolutionary skin care product line customized to each individual’s genetic profile. Dr. Harper shares her inspiration for developing a skin care system based on her powerful belief in the impact of personalized medicine.

Liz Parrish:

Extending Health Life Using Gene Therapy with Liz Parrish

Our guest today is Liz Parrish, founder and CEO of BioViva Science USA, a company committed to extending healthy life spans using gene therapy. Liz shares the advances BioViva has made in gene therapy research, as well as her own experience undergoing one of their pioneering therapies, which may make her the first human GMO.

Michelle Ricker:

Discussing Genomic Based Dietary Approach with Michelle Ricker

Our guest Michelle Ricker is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health & Fitness Instructor. She is one of the founders of FitNow Health, which specializes in providing DNA-based Nutrition and Fitness programs. She chats with us today about how genetics affects our overall well-being and the benefits of a genomic-based dietary approach.

Michelle Gielan:

Discovering Where Happiness Comes From with Michelle Gielan

Our guest Michelle Gielan is a former national news anchor at CBS. After getting tired of telling negative news stories, she began studying how to deliver negative news in a way that empowers people and helps them see a path forward. What she discovered is that the messages we choose to talk about can transform how people view their world.

Jeff Fannin:

Learning Practical Steps to Upgrade Your Brain with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin

Our guest this week is Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, an expert in mapping and analyzing the brain. Dr. Fannin holds a PhD in psychology and has over 15 years of experience in the neuroscience field. His research in neurofeedback technology has led to teaching opportunities at Arizona State University and collaborations with West Point Academy and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Alan Ruscowski:

How To Get The Effects of Exercise Without Exercising with Alan Ruskowski

In this first episode we talk to Alan Ruskowski, the president and CEO of CVAC Systems Inc. Top athletes like tennis star Novak Djokovic and MMA fighter Tito Ortiz have been known to use CVAC technology to improve their performance and recovery. We discuss with Alan about the mechanisms behind CVAC devices work and how they can offer users a lot of the effects of exercise without the physical exertion of exercise.