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Dr. Mickra Hamilton


Dr. Mickra Hamilton, as CEO & Co-Founder of Apeiron Zoh Corporation, is a vanguard in the realm of Precision Human Performance, championing the curation of limitless human potential. With a rich tapestry of expertise as a Systems Designer and a passion for creative disruption, she redefines excellence, pushing the boundaries of human flourishing and purposeful evolution.

A dynamic international speaker, Dr. Hamilton ignites the global stage with her profound insights on epigenetics, breathing science, conscious leadership, and peak psychophysiological performance. Her discourse is not just conversation, but a catalyst for crafting conditions under which humans can thrive both individually and collectively.

Her decorated military background as a retired Colonel with over three decades in the USAFR is a testament to her dedication to optimizing human performance for success. Dr. Hamilton’s strategic application of systems analysis in her consultancy transcends conventional benchmarks, fostering unparalleled growth in individuals and corporate landscapes alike.

At the heart of her methodology are the interplays of genetics and lifestyle, underpinned by rigorous scientific research, advanced biologics, and cutting-edge technology. Dr. Hamilton’s approach holistically targets the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic strata of the ‘human system,’ enhancing life and reshaping relationships with our intrinsic and extrinsic worlds.

With thirty years in psychoacoustics, Dr. Hamilton pioneers Apeiron’s R&D, focusing on transformative 3-D soundscape/naturescape VR programming and entrainment modalities that harmonize the breath, heart, and brain. This acoustic innovation is not just technology; it’s a resonance restoration tool propelling human evolution.

Join Dr. Hamilton on this transformative odyssey, as she architects a future where human potential knows no bounds, and collective advancement is the new narrative.