Today’s guest is Dr. Ruthie Harper of SKINSHIFT, a revolutionary skin care product line customized to each individual’s genetic profile. Dr. Harper shares her inspiration for developing a skin care system based on her powerful belief in the impact of personalized medicine.

“A one size fits all approach doesn’t apply to skin care any more than it applies to medicine.”

Personalized Medicine Meets SkinCare

Dr. Harper became determined to find a more functional approach to medicine when she noticed early in her career in conventional medicine that she never saw anyone get well — people would enter medical system and never leave as they were prescribed more medications, developed more side effects, and had to see more doctors.

That’s when she decided to look at what would get people healthy again, specifically by focusing on nutrition, lifestyle changes, natural hormone balancing and exercise.

Dr. Harper also began to study the basic biochemistry of body and observed amazing transformations when she started to focus on how vitamins and minerals optimize overall health, as well as outward appearance.

5 categories of skin health

The unique focus of SKINSHIFT is to look deeper and help people pick more effective skin care products for their genomics, so Dr. Harper looks closely at each individual’s single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) — which are the differences in a person’s genetic code — and how that can influence skin function.

This determined the following five categories of skin health addressed by the SKINSHIFT product line:

  1. Collagen formation – This contributes to youthfulness and elasticity in the skin.
  2. Sun protection – Despite popular belief, darker skin is not necessarily more protective from UV damage.
  3. Antioxidant protection – How your innate built-in system protects the skin from free radicals.
  4. Glycation – The process whereby if you have elevated levels of blood sugar, it can coat important protein structures in the body, which is harmful to the organs, including skin.
  5. Sensitivity – How pro- or anti-inflammatory your genetic coding is.

Overcoming genetics with product matching

There is a popular misconception that if something is in your genetics, it’s a done deal, but nothing is further from the truth. The body is remarkably resilient, and the skin is a vital, vibrant organ — if you’re aware of what you’re working with, you can go in and support the genetics in a meaningful way to get a different outcome.

Dr. Harper points out that there are lots of good skin care products out there, but two different people, even sisters, could have vastly different experiences with same product — the ingredients need to be matched to the right individual.

Individuals interested in taking advantage of this approach begin by swabbing their cheek and sending that in for analysis. From there, Dr. Harper ranks each of the five skin care categories from highest to lowest priority based on that analysis, and recommends her SKINSHIFT serums and supplements accordingly.

“Food is your tidal wave and supplements are your current. You can’t change your skin health if you have bad eating habits – Dr. Harper.”

Additional tips for optimal health and a youthful appearance

While the SKINSHIFT line focuses on creating a youthful appearance, Dr. Harper has some additional tips for achieving overall health and well being.

  • Most people are deficient in vitamin D, even if they’re getting daily sun exposure. Vitamin D is critical for breast and prostate health, immune function, and even skin care prevention, so take a good Vitamin D supplement.
  • Consider taking Vitamin K2 in conjunction with Vitamin D to keep calcium in the bones.
  • When choosing sunscreen, remember that a higher SPF isn’t actually ideal, as these formulations typically contain more harmful chemicals. Instead, apply liberally and reapply throughout the day when you’re going to be in the sun.

Also choose non-organic formulations, such as titanium oxide, to create a barrier block from the sun’s rays, as opposed to chemical formulations.
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