Aaron Traywick is the founder at Ascendance Biomedical where they focus on helping people get the treatments and care they need to save their lives. They also specialize in helping fund and facilitate research by taking initial studies off shore before bringing the data back to the FDA. Learn more about this process in this week’s episode along with two studies they’re currently working on.

He shares some of the results they’re seeing and potential for the industry with this particular treatment for longevity and life extension overall.

If we can impact and treat aging then there is also an indirect impact on cancer rates.  

Ovarian rejuvenation trials going on right now which is a blood based PRP treatment based on a discovery in their researchers and ways to reverse menopause. The FDA has approved this study do to the process a simple but effective PRP transfusion. Through this clinical trial there will be more insight on how to reverse menopause, increase fertility but also restoring the overall reproductive health of women to enter menopause at a later date. Most women who live over a 100 are in that category of experiencing menopause later on.  Along with rejuvenation this trial has seen success with several women becoming pregnant and carrying the fetus to full term.

This new trial is and will be more affordable than most procedures and other companies that are offering ways to conceive children. The researchers are looking at very specific factors within the blood. Aging itself is ‘programmed’ into our genetics and is very individualistic to everyone.

Genetic expressions are communicated within the body and activate within the body. That communication occurs through signaling factors in the blood – if those factors could be effected than the impact on the majority of aging and terminal disease can be reversed by looking at 5-6 factors and seeing a change or reversal with 90%.

Enrollment is currently open for trials to test “Bucky-balls” (also known as Fullerene-C60 and “Bucky-balls”) for their capacity to increase lifespan and maximize human performance. It is a compound taken at home with olive oil over a 4 week period and then through blood testing before and after Ascendance collects and researchers the data.

C60 itself is highly reactive to UV Light and specific packaging and is very toxic in water – which you should avoid purchasing it from a random seller online. Make sure to request documents on their basic quality and basic good processing documents. More often than not none of these other companies will be able to provide.

Listen for Aaron’s supplements that he takes, recommends and why.

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