Today we’re talking with Wellshift CEO Melanie Weinberger, who is currently transforming corporate wellness to show people how to create and maintain epic health transformations in the workplace.

Unhealthy Effects of the Workplace

Melanie spent six years in the world of corporate advertising, and realized that she was depressed for four of those years due to an unhealthy work environment. She realized that the workplace is one of the most detrimental environments to our well being, largely because people make choices in order to get external validation as opposed to improve their well being.

Melanie decided to flip that environment around and created Wellshift, a corporate wellness model that takes a completely new approach. Melanie discovered early on that there were some problems with the traditional corporate wellness model.

For example, on-site exercise classes tend to attract only the people who are already exercising. Another issue with many corporate wellness providers is that they take a “what’s wrong with you?” approach, as opposed to asking people “how can you be amazing?”

Wellshift’s Unique Approach to Corporate Wellness

Wellshift has about twice the participation of most corporate wellness programs, and the following practices have been key to the company’s success:

  1. Treat the whole organization as a community, as if the company is one human being. Think of each department as one of the body’s organs so that everyone is working together in synergy to create an optimal output.
  2. Remember that healthy habits are very contagious, so start by working with a small seed group, and then more and more people will join in.
  3. Present a specific challenge, such as improving posture, each month, and then deliver micro tasks every morning to help people practice their new habit until it becomes learned.
  4. Keep the size of the challenges small – for example, 10 minutes of walking at a time — so that they don’t interrupt the work day, but actually blend in with the day’s flow.

Wellshift to present at SXSW

Melanie is very excited about Wellshift’s upcoming appearance at SXSW, where the company will not only co-present Google for Entreprenuer’s Wellness Lounge, but will also give the talk “Cracking the Code To Your Unlimited Epic Potential,” which will discuss what it really means to dive deep into your subconscious mind and intentionally create your reality.

“You can be absolutely epic and we’re here to help you get there.” – Melanie Weinberger of Wellshift

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