Our guest this week is Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, an expert in mapping and analyzing the brain. Dr. Fannin holds a PhD in psychology and has over 15 years of experience in the neuroscience field. His research in neurofeedback technology has led to teaching opportunities at Arizona State University and collaborations with West Point Academy and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

He is the founder of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, which has partnered with Thought Genius and is primarily focused on enhancing and optimizing normal brains through 3D brain mapping and neurofeedback.

In our interview Dr. Fannin shares with us the science and some of his thoughts behind:

  • Rewiring your brain through neurofeedback
  • Accessing all your mental faculties by achieving the whole brain state
  • The neuroscience of leadership

Enhancing the Brain with Neurofeedback

The neurofeedback process trains the brain into a peak performance state. Through the use of EEGs, low resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA), and standardized low resolution electromagnetic tomography (s-LORETA), you can build a 3D depiction of the brain and look at what the brain is doing. Through this type of brain mapping, it is then possible to build a protocol that tells the brain what you want it to do using neurofeedback.

How Neurofeedback Works

Neurofeedback analyzes 20 different spots on the brain and rewards it for following the protocol with 16 different auditory variables. The process utilizes as many as 5700 variables and does not require conscious decision-making on the part of the participant.
This is because while the cortex processes information at 40 bits/second, the lower part of the brain processes at 40million bits/second. Following multiple neurofeedback sessions, new dendrites form and new neural pathways develop based on the provided protocol, and the brain is effectively rewired.

Brain Brightening

Brain brightening is recommended for individuals who consider themselves healthy, but feel they have lost a bit of their edge or are experiencing reduced clarity. A lot of this can be due to age, as the brain begins to slow down a half cycle per decade starting from agee 37. Brain brightening measures the energy centers of your body with your eyes opened, eye closed, and while performing task (e.g. reading). Based on these three states, modifications to your emotional or physical energy can be made to act like a tune up for your brain and reinvigorate it.

The Neuroscience of Leadership In a collaboration with West Point Academy, Dr. Fannin spent four years examining the numerous factors important in neuroscience and leadership. Together with a business professor, he later taught the Neuroscience of Leadership at Arizona State University. As a part of the curriculum students took part in brain mapping and neurofeedback training.

By the end of the course every single student had improved his or her processing speed. As a result of his extensive research, Dr. Fannin has developed device protocols designed to help executives in their thinking, allowing individuals with normative brain patterns to train as peak performers.

Subconscious Beliefs and the Whole Brain State

Your core belief system is made up of thoughts you’ve had over and over again, and this includes subconscious thoughts you may not even be aware of. Thoughts vibrate at a particular frequency, and holding a thought for 68 seconds builds enough energy to affect particle matter.

Subconscious programming teaches you to manage the energy information in your body, which in turn enables you to manage your thoughts. [Tweet: “All thought is nothing more than energy and information @DrFannin”] After receiving a protocol, a significant shift in the brain occurs.

The whole brain state is a method for changing subconscious belief patterns rapidly and allows an individual to have access to all of his or her mental faculties. The result is an improved transfer rate between left and right hemispheres, as well as good harmony between the front and back of the brain.

Muse Headband

Muse Brain Sensing Headband is a commercially available device that is ideal for relaxation. The device contains four electrodes – two in the front and two in the back – that measure your thoughts (e.g. positive or negative perceptions and emotions). When used in conjunction with software, you can begin to change your thinking through neurofeedback technology.