Julia Albertson

Client Coordinator and Epigenetic Coach

Julia is passionate about wellness, mindful living, and sharing the tools she has to help impact the lives of others. She found Apeiron through a deep inner calling to assist others in amplifying their lives, as well as her personal desire to shift and alter her own genetic experience. Julia lives with a rare blood disorder called Hereditary Angioedema, which she now uses as a tool for continued healing, rather than as a disease that decreases her quality of life. She knows firsthand that the ways in which we language our inner dialogue directly affects our genomic expression.

Julia has been teaching Vinyasa style Yoga in various places between Miami and Asheville for the last ten years, but her journey with the practice began at the tender age of five, when her mother first became a certified yoga teacher. Being homeschooled for most of her high school years, Julia’s life was shaped by her experiences teaching as a young teenager, many hours spent writing at the beach, and her insatiable desire to explore the world. In her spare time, Julia enjoys blogging in local coffee shops, rock climbing with her beloved, and engaging in real and authentic human connection. 

Linda Small

Linda Stickler 

Epigenetic Coach

Linda is a Epigenetic coach who embodies a passion to spread the word that youthful aging is possible and easily accessible at any stage of life. Her life is a beautiful model of the limitless potential available when you integrate all aspects of the human experience; body mind and spirit. Linda has experienced a lifelong journey of service to others. She is an advocate for the empowerment of women and works closely with the 60-plus age group to facilitate access to a life beyond imagination. She is an international speaker and world traveler whose joy and boundless energy can be felt a mile away.

Linda’s background includes registered nursing, licensed social work, medical spa management and state health department leadership. Her most recent exciting endeavor was co-owner and nutrition instructor at West Virginia’s first CrossFit where she competed in the CrossFit games finishing in the Top 10 in the CrossFit Regionals. She is one of the primary inspirations for her son, Dr. Daniel Stickler’s quest for youth longevity and age reversal. Linda lives and teaches in the Sarasota, FL area soaking up the glorious sun and living a life of infinite gratitude.

Sarah Snyder

Epigenetic Coach

Sarah is a Epigenetic coach at Apeiron. She provides tools and resources to encourage others to access their fullest potential and become self-empowered. Her passion for experiencing a lifetime of wellness encompasses every aspect of daily living. Sarah’s love of science and openness to consciousness allows her to fully engage all aspects of what it means to be a living, human being.

Sarah received a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. During her time in school, she became especially interested in the role that knowledge plays in behavioral choices. Noting a strong connection between health education and making insightful decisions that create a lifetime of wellbeing. She began teaching hands-on workshops on nutrition; getting individuals informed, excited and involved in their own life decisions. Sarah will help you create personalized approaches to balance your stress/relaxation response, sleep hygiene, nutritional lifestyle, and movement practices to live in an expanded state of optimal performance. Sarah’s ultimate goal is to make the health-conscious choice, the first choice.

Moses Goldstein, LMBT

Massage Therapist and Epigenetic Coach

Part biology geek and part wild animal nature boy, “Mo the human” grew up on a small family farm in Celo, North Carolina. Between farm chores, he spent much of his time swimming in rivers and ponds, climbing trees, and running barefoot through the woods. (He still does all of these whenever possible). Originally pursuing a career in genetic engineering, Mo received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UNC Charlotte in 1994. Mo’s fascination with human health and movement led him to graduating with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1999. (NC license #6887) While giving almost 17,000 massages, Mo has continued to be a lifelong science student and is thrilled to be part of the DNA-focused programming at Apeiron Center.
Mo’s coaching focuses on “a joyful path to lifelong health”. Based on individual DNA, goals, personality, and epigenetics, he works to help every client gain and maintain graceful natural movement patterns to build strength, mobility, balance, and awareness.

IMG_0138Laura Marion, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

Human Potential Acupuncturist and Epigenetic Coach

Laura joyfully devotes her life to health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. She believes that an integrated and abundant life is a reflection of the balance within the body/mind/spirit triad. Self-cultivation practices such as mindfulness, physical activity, simple kindness, and heartfelt gratitude motivate Laura to live a full, authentic life.

Laura attained her Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Daoist Traditions, located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Her role as Apeiron Center’s Acupuncturist is a fusion of classical Chinese medicine and epigenetics. This innovative form of healthcare offers her the ability to facilitate her passion for personalized wellness, biology, and the awakening of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. Laura is also a certified Epigenetic Coach and Psych-K facilitator who delights in guiding clients towards life-enhancing modifications in the areas of sleep, nutrition, exercise, detoxification and subconscious belief patterning.

David_resizedDavid Krantz

Director of Applied Psychoacoustics

A lifelong musician and audio engineer by training, David combines his expertise in sound with a passion for biohacking human physiology. An accomplished electronic music composer, he draws upon his knowledge of acoustical physics, sound design, and musical tradition to create custom audio programs for Apeiron’s 3D sound chamber. Creating novel audio-based protocols for stress relief, meditation enhancement, brainwave entrainment, and harmonic energy balancing, David believes that sound can be a valuable tool for healing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.

David’s passion lies at the intersection between art and consciousness, and is endlessly curious in the interaction between the two. From the sound of a waterfall to the bowing of a violin to the bleep of a synthesizer, the qualitative effects of the sounds around us can affect us deeply and profoundly. Harnessing these effects for optimum health and happiness is part of the journey he has embarked on at Apeiron, and actively researching and quantifying the effect of sound on the human system is part of his day-to-day work. Bridging the gap between health, entertainment, psychophysiology and technology, David’s approach adds a unique and holistic path towards unlocking the vast potential we each hold.