1. 2017: The Year of Conscious Creating

    Welcome to an amazing new year!  Hasn’t it been remarkable so far? 2017 brings in the year of creating consciously and in doing so, many things will presence in a new and expanded expression. Often at this time of year we feel hopeful, poised and ready to begin anew.  We set intentions and belie…Read More

  2. Is Stress Making You Age Faster

    In the last few decades, life expectancy has increased dramatically. This is without a doubt one of the greatest achievements in the modern medical world. However, with increased life expectancy comes increased age-related illnesses like cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease. Since aging-relat…Read More

  3. Healthy Mitochondria with Epigenetics!

    We all know what it is like to wake up feeling refreshed with bountiful energy to start the day and, on the flip side, we all know what it feels like to wake up exhausted, lacking energy. What is this “energy” that we feel? What are the physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic components of en…Read More

  4. A Married Man’s Perspective on Relationships

    Greetings, fellow humans! Throughout the years, I've shared some tried and true recipes for delicious and healthy food. However, in my opinion, how we relate to each other is possibly the most important factor in our quest for optimal health. In any part of the world, the people we see who are healt…Read More

  5. How to Influence Your Genes with Nutrition.

    Not only is it possible to influence your DNA with nutrition, but it is happening everyday, with every bite you take.  This is called nutrition epigenetics.  Individual nutrients, bioactive food components or your total diet can change DNA (ie: DNA methylation process) and subsequently alter your …Read More